Posted by: Heather | April 7, 2009

This blogging thing confounds me

I have tried various others over the years and I think I have figured out why I lose my motivation with them after a few months. I have this “category” mindset. After reading a few critiques on other blogs, about how some people hate reading about a blogger’s family antics in the middle of what they perceive as a knitting blog. After that I figured that’s the way readers like it. In neat little packages… one for crafts, one for frugality, one for homeschooling. I can’t keep up with various blogs o’ mine. I’ve decided enough is enough. This is my blog and I’ll put in it whatever I dang well please.

In this blog there will be knitting, crocheting, maybe a bit of sewing if I can ever figure out how to thread a bobbin correctly. There will be family antics and homeschool mumblings. There will be cooking and recipes, there will be freebie alerts, frugal living, yard sale/auction finds, etc. I may even babble on about a video game or book or two.

If any of that interests you, stick around.


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