Posted by: Heather | June 10, 2009

What we have been doing

This time of year seems to be very busy for us. The weather is nicer, we get out of the house a lot more, and just generally do more things.

The boys were interested in learning more about cats. We read Snot Stew by Bill Wallace.  A very cute story told from a kitten’s point of view. We watched several cat videos on National Geographic online. Then we did a Cat Lapbook. They enjoyed it a lot. I think they enjoyed the putting together a lot better than filling in all the information.

Coincidentally, we also got a new kitten this week. Her name is Mollie and she’s just the sweetest little cuddler ever 🙂 The hazard of having a daughter who volunteers at the SPCA.

Since June is Dairy Month, we went to our local Dairy Festival with some friends. They had a great time. We saw baby goat, chickens, angora rabbit, and baby sheep (no pic)

They learned about all kinds of dairy products and nutrition. They got to try out a few crafts, got free cheese, yogurt, cheese, chocolate milk, cheese, maple popcorn, cheese (lol), and ice cream. They even got to milk a fake cow:

We even fit in a little seatwork this week 😀



  1. It was good to see a comment from a new reader today on my blog. 🙂

    Your kitten is so sweet. My boys have been begging for one. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading along with you guys. 😉

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